Our Mission


Making the world a better place by making better leaders

Our Approach

We train the way we would want to be trained. We value unique, active and engaging hands-on experiences throughout every event. 

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Our Team

Our staff of facilitators has over a hundred years combined experience working with groups and organizations. We take great pride in matching facilitators with groups to achieve the best fit.

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Our History

The name “Moonshadow” was chosen because of the intense shadows seen during full moon visits to the property before we purchased it. Moonshadow seemed a natural choice since much of our work centers on the outdoor learning environment and the philosophy that learning has to touch our whole selves: the mental, physical, and emotional.

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Discover how you want to lead. You’ll better understand how you are likely to make use of a leadership opportunity. You’ll see how you contribute to a group’s success and learn how to better plan for your own leadership development.

Team Development

Creating a high performing team takes a lot of work and a little luck. Teams that function at a high level need maintenance just like a piece of fine machinery. Let us design a customized training that addresses the issues that are holding your team back from functioning at peak performance.


Training serves one purpose: to improve performance. That is our mission. We partner with organizations that are either very successful or want to be. We offer a full set of energizing and highly engaging skills workshops.


We utilize a variety of instruments that assess the performance and behaviors of individuals, and organizations. These assessments define areas for change or improvement and set the stage for more in-depth planning to address key organizational issues.

The Moonshadow Challenge Course

is a state of the art training tool designed and built to industry standards and professionally inspected and maintained. Activities are designed to present individuals and groups with a series of problems, scenarios, and situations that must be solved by using cooperation, creativity, and problem solving skills. It always includes a big dose of fun and laughter, in addition to the serious work of becoming a high performing team. In the hands of a skilled facilitator, a challenge course (sometimes called ropes course) is one of the most powerful tools available for exploring team dynamics.

Team Snapshot

  • Goals 85%
  • Roles 72%
  • Interpersonal Relations 40%
  • Procedures 60%

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